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Nice way to get mags. For example, I buy frequently Computer Music there and you don’t need to subscribe to the mag.

It is cheap as ~4$ for one issue. I can read the mag on Windows, Android and Amazon Fire Tablet.

If you have trouble in Windows that the pages are black or not displaying, you can “Reset” the app in Windows “Apps and Features”. Select Pocketmags and “Advanced Options” and press “Reset”. This will set the app to default without logging you out or anything else.

I can recommend Computer Music because of the software and good tutorials you get there. The software can be downloaded after you register over at 

fxpansion geist2

Geist2 – Quantize steps to a different timing

Another short video where i show you how i quantize some notes to a different timing. 8th note triplets.

  1. Drag n Drop the pattern to your midi track
  2. Edit the notes as you wish and quantize them
  3. Select a new free pattern inside Geist2
  4. Play the MIDI notes from your track (Geist2 pads are triggerd)
  5. Press “Retro Record” button
  6. Now you have the new SHIFT information inside the pattern
fxpansion geist2

fxpansion Geist2 – Remix Loop

I made a short video about fxpansion Geist2 and how i use it to remix a loop to customize it for my use. This is the first video of more to come. There are already a lot of tutorials out there and i hope my videos will help nevertheless. Enjoy. 😊

Short overview:

  1. Make sure you have “Slice” and “Auto Load” buttons enabled.
  2. Browse to your loop which you want to slice.
  3. Add or delete transient markers as you like.
  4. Press “Done” and the loop will be sliced and mapped to the pads.
  5. For easier modifying enable “Remix”. This will allow you only to create one step per pad. Of course you can disable it and play more then one pad/slice at once.

Software that i use

I create my music with Presonus Studio One Version 4 Professional.
This DAW get’s better and better and i love to work with it.
I have Studio One since the first version. In 2010 i bought the first
version for 16€/18$. Legal and confident directly at Presonus. They had
a NAMM special this year. Or was it 2009 ? Really can’t remember.
Anyway, i got a bargain and entered the world of this DAW.

Actually i am guitar player. No profession here. No music here. So still
a guitarist ? Let’s say i know some stuff by now.
In 2014 i got more into electronic music and decided to produce my own electronic songs.
I am still an amateur and learning day in day out.

Since then i bought more and more software.
Actually plugins or VSTs. My music is made ITB (In The Box) which means there are
no really hardware synths involved in my music making. I own a cheap MIDI 48 keyboard,
an AKAI MPK mini II and KORG nano Kontrol. No device makes music on it’s own.
For my purpose it’s ok now. Of course i like to expand. But that’s another story.

Some of my goto software instruments for now:

D16 Group Phoscyon Aaaaaaaaacciiiiiid !!! ❤
fxpansion Geist2 very strong Sampler i use for my tracks
FrozenPlain Obelisk i am not a keyboard player so i have this 🙂
Monoplugs B-Step powerful Sequencer to use with any VST synth
Native Instruments Massive not only for bass
Sample Magic Stacker no support anymore (slow loading)
Sonic Academy ANA still a great synth
ANA2 love it
Kick 2 more love here
Xfer Records Serum the beast (one month to go and it’s mine 🙂
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 for some good acoustic drums

Photo by Peter Heeling