I publish my songs at Soundcloud by the name M2K1 and Firlefanz.

Other stuff i do is at MetaPop and Splice.

Here are some songs i made which you can listen on Soundcloud too.

I love to make electronic music and my main genre is Techno.

By the name of FIrlefanz i publish electronic music too but different or other style than Techno.

M2K1 @ Soundcloud

Firlefanz @ Soundcloud

M2K1 @ MetaPop

Speiss @ Splice

M2K1 -Thoughts

M2K1 – Feel

M2K1 – EAX


EAX – Wikipedia

M2K1 – Evening

M2K1 – Stigma


    • Moving on with no goal /
    • Trying to succeed /
    • Trying to compete /
    • There is no us /
    • There is only you