Noiiz COVID-19 Fundraiser Pack

Noiiz COVID-19 Fundraiser Pack

Get your copy of this. I had the chance to add some samples to this pack which were accepted from Noiiz. And there is a lot of good samples in there.


I made a file listing what is inside. You can download it here:

Stay healthy.

Maschine Controller As Input For Any Instrument in S1

Sometimes I like to use my DAW for controlling everything but use my Maschine controller as input for some synths. I do this because as far as I know, S1 doesn’t support Maschine Hardware as a controller. You have to download something etc. ? So the easy way is this workaround if you don’t want to use the software and only the controller as input.

I have only the Maschine mk3 Mikro. Maybe bigger Maschine’s are better supported in S1.

ANA2 Arpeggiator as input for any instrument in Studio One

I show you how to setup ANA 2 as an input instrument for any synth you want.
Some synths don’t have an arpeggiator and if you already have ANA 2 you can use it this way.

Don’t get me wrong – of course, you can use ANA 2 alone for making music, it is a monster of synth and this shortcut is a bit of an overload. Anyway, have fun with it. Use the Arpeggiator and CMD module together for endless possibilities.

You can get ANA2 here at Sonic Academy or by subscription at Slate Digital.

Wait for the bargain because from time to time they lower the price at Sonic Academy but not Slate Digital because this is always a bargain if you think what you all get for around 15$.

fxpansion geist2

Geist2 – Quantize steps to a different timing

Another short video where i show you how i quantize some notes to a different timing. 8th note triplets.

  1. Drag n Drop the pattern to your midi track
  2. Edit the notes as you wish and quantize them
  3. Select a new free pattern inside Geist2
  4. Play the MIDI notes from your track (Geist2 pads are triggerd)
  5. Press “Retro Record” button
  6. Now you have the new SHIFT information inside the pattern
fxpansion geist2

fxpansion Geist2 – Remix Loop

I made a short video about fxpansion Geist2 and how i use it to remix a loop to customize it for my use. This is the first video of more to come. There are already a lot of tutorials out there and i hope my videos will help nevertheless. Enjoy. 😊

Short overview:

  1. Make sure you have “Slice” and “Auto Load” buttons enabled.
  2. Browse to your loop which you want to slice.
  3. Add or delete transient markers as you like.
  4. Press “Done” and the loop will be sliced and mapped to the pads.
  5. For easier modifying enable “Remix”. This will allow you only to create one step per pad. Of course you can disable it and play more then one pad/slice at once.