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Software that i use

I create my music with Presonus Studio One Version 4 Professional.
This DAW get’s better and better and i love to work with it.
I have Studio One since the first version. In 2010 i bought the first
version for 16€/18$. Legal and confident directly at Presonus. They had
a NAMM special this year. Or was it 2009 ? Really can’t remember.
Anyway, i got a bargain and entered the world of this DAW.

Actually i am guitar player. No profession here. No music here. So still
a guitarist ? Let’s say i know some stuff by now.
In 2014 i got more into electronic music and decided to produce my own electronic songs.
I am still an amateur and learning day in day out.

Since then i bought more and more software.
Actually plugins or VSTs. My music is made ITB (In The Box) which means there are
no really hardware synths involved in my music making. I own a cheap MIDI 48 keyboard,
an AKAI MPK mini II and KORG nano Kontrol. No device makes music on it’s own.
For my purpose it’s ok now. Of course i like to expand. But that’s another story.

Some of my goto software instruments for now:

D16 Group Phoscyon Aaaaaaaaacciiiiiid !!! ❤
fxpansion Geist2 very strong Sampler i use for my tracks
FrozenPlain Obelisk i am not a keyboard player so i have this 🙂
Monoplugs B-Step powerful Sequencer to use with any VST synth
Native Instruments Massive not only for bass
Sample Magic Stacker no support anymore (slow loading)
Sonic Academy ANA still a great synth
ANA2 love it
Kick 2 more love here
Xfer Records Serum the beast (one month to go and it’s mine 🙂
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 for some good acoustic drums

Photo by Peter Heeling