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Weekend Tip 25/2019 – Podcasts

This weekend I have podcast tips related to music production.
I use Podcast Addict and Castbox on my Android devices. But there are more. Try them out.

Not only for music production. But as this is a very creative area you should try this.

The EDMProd Podcast
A very good resource for insides from music producers.

I think this one is discontinued but there should be still an archive which is worth listening.
The AudioSkills Podcast


This is more for REAL musicians 😉 not for electronic music producers, but I like to listen to this podcast nevertheless.You should too.

Not only for the sacred circle of Bobbyists 🙂 A lot of stuff is going on here. Subscribe his newsletter for even more.

!GERMAN LANGUAGE! All stuff related to recording and sound design. Story’s and interviews.
This print magazine has a lot of free information stuff to offer. Again – Newsletter abonnieren !

Tales From The Dance Floor Podcast
This podcast is from the makers of the very good site Digital DJ Tipps.



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